Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why Should I Buy From You?

A: Birdhaus Design artwork is both high quality and affordable. As a small business, we aim to satisfy each and every customer and provide a personal touch to our service. We also care about our artwork and artists. All Birdhaus Design artwork is ethically sourced, meaning no copyrights have been violated and no artists have been exploited in creating our designs.

Q: How Easy is it to Hang the Artwork?

A: Very! Each artwork comes with two mounting brackets securely attached to each side of the frame. You can hook these directly over a pair of fasteners in the wall. Alternately, you can stretch a piece of picture wire between the brackets and hang the frame from a single hook. Each method has its pros and cons. Placing the frame directly on a pair of fasteners is very secure and prevents it from shifting around after you hang it. Hanging the picture from a single fastener makes it very easy to straighten and adjust during the hanging process.

Q: Can You Make Me a Print in a Custom Size?

A: We can make unstretched, unframed canvas prints in custom sizes. Custom prints arrive as rolled up sheets of canvas. You can take them to a frame shop and have them stretched or mounted and framed to suit your taste. We do not sell framed or stretched canvases in custom sizes at this time. Please contact us at for further information on custom prints and pricing.

Q: What Happens if I need to Return My Purchase?

A: All returns are fast and free! Please contact us at to request assistance with a return.

Q: Are Some of Your Designs Made of Real Wood?

A: All our artworks are framed canvas prints, including those with the appearance of wood. We aim to make them look very natural, with a high level of detail in each print. Check out the product images for each piece to get a closer look.

Q: Can I Get a Different Size or Style of Frame?

A: Please contact us at and we will try to help. At the very least, knowing what you are looking for helps us expand our range of artwork.

Q: Why Did My Artwork Arrive in an Shipping Box?

A: We use Amazon as one of our delivery services (much like UPS or FedEx). Amazon helps us get orders to our customers as quickly as possible.

Q: Who and where is Birdhaus Design?

A: We are a family-owned business in central California. If you need to get hold of us, chances are you’ll end up speaking with either Cathy or Joseph, the owners. They both have extensive backgrounds in design and photography, and love making things. You can follow Birdhaus Design on Instagram and Pinterest, and Facebook.

Q: What Should I Do if I Still Have Questions?

A: Please contact us, we love hearing from our customers! You can reach us at or by phone at (310) 990-6512.