Good wall art is a balance. It needs to fit into your space. But the best wall art does something more.

What moves you? What makes your heart soar? What reminds you of where you came from? What makes you dream of the future? The kind of art that resonates with you is deeply personal. An image may be worth a thousand words, but an image that sings with meaning to YOU and YOUR LIFE takes it to another level.

Birdhaus Design came about because we saw a need for more unique, inspirational images out there on walls. Decorative? Sure. Coordinating? Absolutely. Generic, close to meaningless art on your wall? You deserve more.

We design high quality wall art to bring inspiration to your walls -- and from there, to your life. Our art is beautifully crafted yet affordable, based around classic art themes and subjects that have captivated artists and art lovers for centuries. We hope you find something in our gallery that moves you.

Sequoia / King's Canyon

Inspired by mountains, crafted with care.

Birdhaus Design is a wife and husband team working out of our ranch in the Sierra foothills of Central California. Every day, we look up at big mountains, dramatic sunsets, and even spot the occasional bobcat or black bear. As a small business, we aim to satisfy each and every customer and provide a personal touch to our service. Don’t hesitate to get in touch -- we love hearing your stories.