Inspired By Wall Art


Catherine Bell

Why settle for decoration when you can have inspiration?

At Birdhaus Design, we believe deeply in the power of images to inspire us. A powerful image can stop you in your tracks. It can introduce something into your day that wasn’t there before: color, admiration, warmth, memories, gratitude. Countless other feelings that a picture can conjure up in your mind, which might be inaccessible just then if you hadn’t seen it. 

Peggy Guggenheim's Modernist Decor

Our dream here at Birdhaus is to get inspiration up on every wall. That’s why our catalogue is carefully curated. We’re not an art mega-warehouse where you can buy a print-on-demand copy of almost anything. Instead, we focus on making wall art that adds something to your day every time it catches your eye. 

Gallery Wall with Many Artworks

OK, but how exactly does wall art inspire? That’s a little different for everyone, with our individual tastes, preferences and life experiences. But there are a few things about art to which many of us respond. 

Art Transports You

Wall art brings what you see -- or would like to see -- outside your window into your home. A snowy landscape by a warm fireplace. A rare animal so close up that you could touch it. The vision and skill of a famous artist, alive with meaning in your home. 

Pris, Eiffel Tower

Perhaps it’s a piece that you bought while on holiday, or a picture of a place you remember fondly but may never return to. Wall art can create a sense of wonder and awe by putting you in the presence of something (or someone) you may never get to see in the flesh. It can magnify things so tiny -- or a moment so brief -- that it would be difficult to catch otherwise. 

Do you have a favorite place, or an inspiring place you dream of going? 

Alpine Peaks 36x24 Framed Canvas Wall Art

Our Alpine Epic Black and White print transports you to a cold, clear place where you can find peace among the mountain tops.  

Art is Timeless

Trends come and go, but art has the power to capture and hold a mood, a landscape, beauty. It can be both a striking experience and an old friend. It can persist out of context. 

Daguerrotype Portrait

My grandmother had an old portrait of an unnamed family member hanging in her entryway who we referred to simply as “Ancestor”. The nondescript dark background told us nothing about how he lived back then. Instead, he was a powerful presence for us in the present. Ancestor’s rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes greeted us whenever we came through the front door of my grandmother’s home. 

From Cleopatra to Einstein, art can bring us closer to our heroes and other great personalities that we find inspiring. Art communicates with us across cultures, languages and years. It can show us the past and future, carry us back to a time in our lives when an image had special meaning. 

Art Makes Us Human

In our fast-paced, digital world, information overload makes it easy to lose track of the raw, messy emotions and grander experiences that make us human. Fortunately, good art can jolt us back to our better, deeper selves. 

Mother's Embrace by Mary Cassatt

Art can bring about a recognition of what we all have inside: a desire for love, for beauty, even our darker emotions, all of which have been experienced by people all over the world, and which artists and craftsmen have tried to record and express in a thousand different ways. Art can give us a moment of peace, especially when we see something in it that we recognize in ourselves. Romance. Compassion. Appreciation for tiny details. 

Art Feeds our Dreams and Aspirations

I may not own a hilltop villa in Italy or an Aston Martin DB5, but daydreaming about them reminds me of the richness of life and my experience of the world. 

Dreams and Aspirations

A cheerful, colorful painting breathing warmth and coziness into an otherwise dull space. An urban home with paintings of farms and the country. An empty beach by a turquoise ocean. Something to yearn for, to work for, to motivate or reassure us. It’s out there for us, perhaps closer than we think. 

Inspire Me!

At Birdhaus Design, we look to what inspires us and ask what inspires you. We believe good art doesn't have to be grandiose, difficult to understand or expensive. It just has to work, for you and in your space. 

Impressionist Range

Our unique, impressionist-style starry night piece Impressionist Range asks you to look at the night sky a little differently. These stars aren’t distant, they are close, welcoming, and always there for you. The landscape becomes background as you fall up into the sky.

Wherever you are, surround yourself with Inspiration!

Wall Art from Birdhaus Design