Inspired By the Farmhouse


Catherine Bell

What is it about farmhouses and farmhouse style that makes them feel like home?

Farmhouses inspire us with a big dose of nostalgia for a simpler life steeped in family, food and hearth. The more rugged parts of farm life may not appeal to everyone -- when did you last muck out the pigs, for example? -- but we still long for the romantic ideal of living off the land. 

French countryside by Cezanne

A bounty of fresh, nutritious food arrives on your plate from the surrounding fields. The neighbors help each other out. The family gathers around a warm hearth on a cool Autumn night. Here are a few other qualities that tug at our heartstrings when we think about farmhouse style:


There’s something warm and welcoming about farmhouse interiors that shelters you from the rough and tumble of life outside. Whether you’re coming home from a cattle auction or a tech job, stress stays at the door. Farmhouse style reminds you we are all part of natural cycles like the weather and seasons that, reassuringly, don’t stop for anyone or anything. Life goes on. Might as well enjoy it!

Barnwood Peaks Geometric 36" x 24" Framed Canvas Wall Art

We may paint farm life as rural, but it also represents land that has been tamed and cultivated by human hands, making it more gentle than life on the ranch. A country farmhouse nestles comfortably into the landscape. It’s been there a while, perhaps collecting an assortment of additions and outbuildings as the needs of the family have changed over time. You can rely on it to have a comfortable, lived-in feel. 


Farmhouse style balances simplicity and practicality with some formal elements and a touch of elegance. Predominantly white interiors create a clean, fresh feeling, which must have taken more work to keep up before paved roads and vacuum cleaners than it does today. 

Farmhouse Quilt Cozy Blue and Red 36" x 24" Framed Canvas Wall Art

Here, simplicity means success at keeping out dirt and clutter, achieved with mother’s wisdom and steady housekeeping. It’s also a way to show off other kinds of success to guests, including your astute eye for style and the ability to bring together different colors, textures, furniture and art in a way that feels whole without being uniform. 


Farmhouse interiors remind us that we are connected to the land and to the seasons in a way that nourishes us. We don’t have to experience life through screens and manmade materials. Natural wood textures can be both refined and authentic, warm to the touch. Animals play their role too, from fresh eggs to the quiet companionship of a napping dog. It’s real, not virtual. 

Mountain Lattice Angular Landscape 36" x 24" Framed Canvas Wall Art

Farmhouses also connect town and country. They serve as a civilized retreat from city life, a place to re-center and remember the country’s roots. Several US Presidents, from Lincoln to Carter to Bush and Clinton, lived on farms before, during or after their time in the White House.

The Palette

A white house with a red barn is undoubtedly the classic image of an American farm. As we get closer, we see black hardware -- evoking cast iron -- that stands cleanly against the white. A mixture of natural wood textures completes the look. Many Birdhaus Design artworks come in a white woodgrain frame that feels very much at home in a farmhouse style interior. 

Farmhouse Quilt Cozy Blue and Red 36" x 24" Framed Canvas Wall Art

Inspire Me!

Our take on farmhouse style here at Birdhaus Design is to use modern techniques to create artworks that seamlessly blend traditional and contemporary elements. Our prints reproduce fine wood textures on canvas with striking detail. The bold, geometric forms of our farmhouse style artworks bridge the gap between rustic and contemporary. Whether you’re going for a traditional or modern farmhouse look, our pieces belong in your home.

Young boy reading on country porch

Wherever you are, surround yourself with Inspiration!

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